Pepper Adams Compositions
The following is a list of the 43 compositions written by Pepper Adams, with composition dates and publishing companies. Each title is a link to additional detailed information, including Library of Congress registration dates and numbers, and where known, background information. A discography is included of all known commercial recordings, either by Adams, or by other musicians, with album cover art, samples from the recording (if available), and links to where the recording can be purchased. (note)
Whenever possible, the cover art is from the original release of the LP or CD. Descriptive material for each release has been obtained from a variety of sources (excerpts from liner notes if possible, but more often from reviews on various websites; if known, the author is acknowledged). The mp3 samples are generous in size, and not just a seemingly random 30 second snippet. Some samples are meant to highlight a particularly interesting feature common to all versions; an attempt has been made to highlight the form of the tune, and wherever feasible, the featured soloist.
To date, there are a total of 166 distinct commercial recordings of Pepper’s compositions. Nine albums (by others) are devoted exclusively to his tunes. Many of Pepper’s recordings of his tunes were on dates for which he was a sideman.

It is hoped that a resurgence of interest in Adams’ compositions will result in the availability of many new versions for many years to come. Please direct comments, additions, corrections, suggestions, etc. to
Ad Astra (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik     
Apothegm (1956) Crossroads Music
Beaubien (1958) Modern Age Music
Binary (1979) Excerent Music
Bossallegro (1980) Excerent Music
Bossa Nouveau (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Cindy’s Tune (1968) D’Accord Music
Civilization and Its Discontents (1973) D’Accord Music
Claudette’s Way (1978) Excerent Music
Conjuration (1980) Excerent Music
Diabolique II (1983) Excerent Music
Dobbin’ (1983) Excerent Music
Doctor Deep (1982) Excerent Music
Dylan’s Delight (1978) Excerent Music
Enchilada Baby (1979) Excerent Music
Ephemera (1973) D’Accord Music
Etude Diabolique (1978) Excerent Music
Excerent! (1962) Jazz Standard Music
Freddie Froo (1957) Thank Music
Hellure (How Are You’re) (1973) D’Accord Music
I Carry Your Heart (1978) Excerent Music
Inanout (1970) D’Accord Music
In Love with Night (1978) Excerent Music
Jirge (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Joy Road (1980) Excerent Music
Julian (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Libeccio (1961) Publisher unknown
Like . . . What Is This (1957) Planemar Music
Lovers of Their Time (1980) Excerent Music
Mary’s Blues (1956) Prestige Music
Muezzin’ (1957) Thank Music
Now in Our Lives (1982) Excerent Music
Patrice (1973) D’Accord Music
Philson (1961) Publisher unknown
Reflectory (1978) Excerent Music
Rue Serpente (1979) Excerent Music
Trentino (1980) Excerent Music
Twelfth and Pingree (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Urban Dreams (1980) Excerent Music
Valse Celtique (1979) Excerent Music
What Is It (1969) D’Accord Music
A Winter’s Tale (1956) Excerent Music
Witches Pit (1957) Prestige Music