Pepper Adams Compositions
Ad Astra (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Apothegm (1956) Crossroads Music
Beaubien (1958) Modern Age Music
Binary (1979) Excerent Music
Bossallegro (1980) Excerent Music
Bossa Nouveau (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Adams Recordings
Pepper Adams, Twelfth and Pingree (Enja)     
Pepper Adams, Live in Europe (Impro)     
Pepper Adams, Pepper Adams Live     
Other Recordings
Hank Jones, Just For Fun (Galaxy)   
Jim Richardson, Jim Richardson’s Pogo Revisited (Spotlite)   
   (CD Universe)
Jeremy Kahn Trio, Joy Road--Volume 1   
   (Motema Music)
Dale Fielder, Plays the Music of Pepper Adams (Clarion)   
   (Jazz Loft)
Joan Chamorro, Baritone Rhapsody (Fresh Sound New Talent)   
Frederic Couderc, Frederic Couderc Quartet (Cristal (France))   
Larry Dickson Jazz Quartet, Second Springtime (Grayscale)   
Cindy’s Tune (1968) D’Accord Music
Civilization and Its Discontents (1973) D’Accord Music
Claudette’s Way (1978) Excerent Music
Conjuration (1980) Excerent Music
Diabolique II (1983) Excerent Music
Dobbin’ (1983) Excerent Music
Doctor Deep (1982) Excerent Music
Dylan’s Delight (1978) Excerent Music
Enchilada Baby (1979) Excerent Music
Ephemera (1973) D’Accord Music
Etude Diabolique (1978) Excerent Music
Excerent! (1962) Jazz Standard Music
Freddie Froo (1957) Thank Music
Hellure (How Are You’re) (1973) D’Accord Music
I Carry Your Heart (1978) Excerent Music
Inanout (1970) D’Accord Music
In Love with Night (1978) Excerent Music
Jirge (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Joy Road (1980) Excerent Music
Julian (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Libeccio (1961) Publisher unknown
Like . . . What Is This (1957) Planemar Music
Lovers of Their Time (1980) Excerent Music
Mary’s Blues (1956) Prestige Music
Muezzin’ (1957) Thank Music
Now in Our Lives (1982) Excerent Music
Patrice (1973) D’Accord Music
Philson (1961) Publisher unknown
Reflectory (1978) Excerent Music
Rue Serpente (1979) Excerent Music
Trentino (1980) Excerent Music
Twelfth and Pingree (1975) ENJA-European New Jazz Musik
Urban Dreams (1980) Excerent Music
Valse Celtique (1979) Excerent Music
What Is It (1969) D’Accord Music
A Winter’s Tale (1956) Publisher unknown
Witches Pit (1957) Prestige Music