Pepper Adams Interviews

Welcome Pepper Adams listeners! Here you will find an expanding selection of interviews done with Pepper Adams, mostly on jazz radio shows while on tour.

Ted O'Reilly (CJRT-FM, October 4, 1968)
Part 1 (18:19)   Part 2 (21:15)
Ted O'Reilly (CJRT-FM, April 19, 1982)
Part 1 (26:11)   Part 2 (16:33)   Part 3 (32:13)
Sidran on Record (Recorded January 2, 1986)

I wrote the following in my book The Miles Davis Companion:
Interviewer Ben Sidran has a rare gift for creating settings in which his guests can relax and be themselves. Part of Sidran's success lies in his engaging personality and unthreatening manner. The fact that he's a jazz singer and pianist gives him added credibility. But equally important is Sidran's marvelous interview technique, in which informed questions and well-timed compliments respectfully honor his subjects.

Part 1 (10:53)   Part 2 (14:55)    Part 3 (9:20)    Part 4 (19:03)