Rare Performances

The following are extraordinary and very rare performances by Pepper Adams, performed around the world, from 1967 to 1984. Just as Pepper told me about listening to Bird bootlegs, I feel that Pepper’s live dates, away from the pressures of commerce, reveal him at his most experimental, free to play with melodic and harmonic material, and create long solos of stunning beauty. Approximately 250 performances - some of his very best playing from broadcasts and audience tapes I’ve collected and unissued material done in the studio, can be accessed in the ebook Reflectory: The Life and Music of Pepper Adams.

Cotton Tail/Straight, No Chaser (1967)                         
Billie’s Bounce (1969)                                                  
Three and One (1970)                                                  
Gone with the Wind (1976)                                                  
Time on My Hands/Sweet Georgia Brown (1978)
Dylan’s Delight (1978)                                                  
Shuffle (1982)                                                                  
Joy Road (1982)                                                  
’Tis (1983)                                                                           
The Days of Wine and Roses (1983)                         
Bye, Bye Blackbird (1983)                                                  
Ephemera (1984)