Panel Discussions
Watch the fascinating Pepper Adams panel discussions below, moderated by Gary Carner and hosted by Aaron Lington, for amazing insights into Adams's life and career.

Panelists included Kenny Berger, Gary Smulyan, Larry Dickson, Glenn Wilson, Frank Griffith, Peter Leitch, John Vana, André White, Frank Basile, Shirantha Beddage, Aaron Lington, Jason Marshall, Adam Schroeder, and Anders Svanoe.


Panelists included David Amram, Kenny Berger, Bob Blumenthal, Roger Rosenberg, Dale Fielder, Danny Harrington, Steve Wood, James Hughes, Ken Kellett, Jim Hartog, Rik van den Bergh, Claire Daly, Kevin Goss, Brian Landrus, Cameron Wallis, and Aaron Lington.


Panelists included Paul Tynan, Aaron Lington, Joshua Breakstone, Charles Papasoff, Kenny Berger, Ken Kellett, Noah Pettibon, Andrew Hadro, Matthew Snyder, Michael Pauers, Lewis Porter, and Michael Fitzgerald.


Panelists included Paul Tynan, Joseph Trahan, Ben Sidran, Aaron Lington, Andrew Hadro, John Vana, Logan Ivancik, Frank Basile, Adam Schroeder, Kevin Goss, Courtney Wright, and Noah Pettibon.