Pepper Adams Chronology

Entries in the Chronology are mostly gleaned from my 35-year research of Adams’ discography, but I’ve also had access to Adams’ date books, letters, documents, and other memorabilia that I fortunately acquired from Pepper’s estate before its disposition. Fellow researchers have helped too, such as Lewis Porter, Chris DeVito, Mike Fitzgerald, Noal Cohen, Evrard Deckers, and Frank Basile, among many others, as have numerous musicians over the years, including Pepper Adams, who have offered me copies of their valuable audience tapes or have allowed me to interview them.

Early Years: 1930-1958
Donald Byrd - Pepper Adams Quintet: 1958-1961
Journeyman: 1961-1964
Thaddeus: 1964-1977
International Soloist: 1977-1986