Reflectory: The Life and Music of Pepper Adams
By Gary Carner and John Vana
Reflectory, my second book on Pepper Adams, is the biography that I promised Pepper I’d write when he was dying of cancer. I had absolutely no idea that my Adams research would splinter in so many different directions - the annotated discography, the complete recordings, lyrics to his ballads, this web site - before I actually sat down and began to write this. The publication date is 2030, the centennial of Pepper Adams’ birth. Although I’ve finished writing the first half of my contribution, I have much work to do to write the second part of Pepper’s life. John Vana, for his part, is just beginning to pull together his own findings on Adams’ music. For those who want to keep abreast of our work, please see my blog that is posted on the first Sunday of each month. Apart from the Prologue excerpt, I’ve included our working Contents page below so you can see how things are shaping up.                           
Music examples referenced in the book